Signature Cosmetic Clinic

Laser Hair Removal


Duration: 15 - 30 min

Laser hair removal employs laser technology to eliminate or reduce unwanted hair. With the assistance of an assortment of trusted lasers, this clinic helps restrict hair growth. A minimum of 3 session is recommended for better results, 6 sessions for best results

Extra Small Area

Underarms, Upper Lip, Ball of Chin, Sideburns, Cheeks, Front of Neck, Back of Neck, Bikini

Small Area

Full Neck, Shoulders, Abdomen, Lower Back, Upper Back, Lower Arms & Hands, Brazilian

Medium Area

Chest, Chest & Abdomen, Upper Back & Shoulders, Full Back, Lower Legs & Feet

Large Area

Full Legs & Feet

Full Legs, Feet & Bikini

Full Legs, Feet & Brazilian