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Ultherapy or “Ulthera” is a non-surgical, non-invasive ultrasound treatment used to help lift and tighten skin around one’s neck, brow, and chin.

Ultherapy relies on the implementation of concentrated ultrasound to tighten/lift loose skin. This clinic offers a resolute solution to provide patients with a non-invasive face lift.

This procedure has been validated by Health Canada following the conclusion of several studies. It’s a well-thought-of solution with thousands of successful cases around the world.

The magic of this procedure is seen through its use of ultrasound imaging, which provides a crystal-clear assessment of one’s tissues. Therefore, the focused energy is sent to the appropriate target areas for optimal results.

Please note, patients seeking this treatment require no more than one session. However, it’s recommended to contemplate the use of further procedures later in life as the skin ages from biological responses. This can sustain or reinvigorate one’s collagen building.

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