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Restylane Skin Booster


Duration: 30min - 60min

The skin booster treatment is a contemporary approach to deep-skin hydration and skin nourishment. Restylane skin boosters are used to enhance skin texture, quality, and appearance. This procedure is designed to lessen wrinkles, creases, fine lines, sunspots, and related skin issues rapidly. It will leave patients with a new sense of confidence and beautiful skin.

The skin booster treatment is perfect for a wide range of areas including the neck, face, hands, and décolletage. In most cases, the target region is a patient’s face (lower half). A specialist at the clinic will assist patients in selecting specific regions of their body to target with this treatment. With a trained hand, this treatment is robust and offers vast improvements in skin texture and skin hydration near the mouth, chin, or lower cheek. It can eliminate dehydrated skin and signs of acne scarring.